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Stealing the Duke's Heart A Royal Christmas Grosvenor Square Christmas

Stealing the Duke's Heart

Stealing the Duke's Heart

Two novellas by Shana

"Stealing the Duke's Heart is a compilation of two novellas by the fabulous Shana Galen. Whether you have read these stories or not, just one look at that amazing cover will convince you to read them, or reread them; do judge this book by the cover!"
   —Reviewer Monique Daoust

Taken by the Duke

A vexed viscount...
When Henry Selkirk, Viscount Bexley, is proclaimed the Prince Regent's Master of Ceremonies for His Highness's birthday celebration, Henry wonders what he ever did to deserve such punishment. Taxed with curbing the extravagant prince's spending, Henry juggles the prince and the difficulties of preparing the venue, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. While touring Vauxhall, Henry encounters a gang of thugs and is taken prisoner by a disreputable criminal who calls himself the Duke of Vauxhall. The pleasure gardens are the duke's domain, and he wants Henry gone. For good.

A woman with a secret...
When Kate Dunn sees Henry Selkirk again, she hardly dares to believe her first love will remember her. It's been years since the two played as children together on the streets of London. She uses her influence to see him set free from the Duke of Vauxhall's clutches, but when Henry refuses to give up his position at Vauxhall Gardens, his days are numbered. To add insult to injury, Henry warns Kate that it's she who's running out of time. He knows her secret, and once the gang finds out, she's as good as dead. As the night of Kate's greatest heist ever approaches, she must choose between failing the gang and losing her life or disappointing Henry and losing her only chance at true love.

How to Steal a Duke (in Ten Days, Give or Take a Few Days, But Definitely in Less Than a Fortnight)

Dominick Spencer, the Duke of Tremayne, is a powerful man used to having his way. When he sets out to find the lost volumes of The Duke's Book of Knowledge to present to his favorite Oxford professor, Dominick takes his task seriously, even hiring a cat burglar to help him gain entry to a remote castle in Cornwall inhabited by a mad earl.

Rosalyn Dashner knows accepting the duke's assignment is dangerous, but her impoverished family and sick brother need the money. The daughter of a gentleman, Rosalyn is not impressed by titles. She's not impressed by the haughty duke until she comes to know the kind but lonely man under the gruff exterior. The duke might be looking for a manuscript, but she's found a man she loves. When Rosalyn must risk her life to obtain the manuscript, will Dominick choose her or his quest for the Duke's Book?

These novellas were previously published in the anthologies The Dukes of Vauxhall and How to Find a Duke in Ten Days.

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Stealing the Duke's Heart will be available as an ebook and a paperback:
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A Royal Christmas

A Royal Christmas

Two novellas from Shana in one book

Waiting for a Duke Like You

There's no such thing as the perfect hero ...
Nathan Cauley, Duke of Wyndover, is so handsome ladies swoon—but Nathan doesn't want a fawning miss for his duchess. Then he stumbles upon a filthy young woman sleeping under a bridge, and his protective instincts are raised. When he recognizes her as the woman he loved years before, he's determined to win back her heart.

Or is there?
Princess Vivienne is the last of the royal family of Glynaven. Vivienne is all alone and on the run when the Duke of Wyndover comes to her rescue. Vivienne barely remembers meeting him years before, and wonders if he is any more than a pretty face. But when the assassins return, Nathan might just prove to be the man Vivienne's been waiting for.

A Prince in Her Stocking

When it's cold outside ...
Prince Lucien of Glynaven spends the cold winter days in a small bookshop, searching for a book that's the key to saving his life. When Lady Cassandra Ashbrooke comes in to shop, her lovely face is almost enough to make him give up his search. But when assassins track him, he must end the budding romance and abandon his last chance at ever reclaiming his identity.

A prince is just the man to make Christmas a little more cozy.
When the widowed Lady Cassandra catches a glimpse of an attractive man in her favorite bookshop, she decides to meet him, hoping to add a small spark of excitement into her dull life. Soon the prince's kisses are more passionate than Cass can imagine. But with danger closing in on all sides, is it too late for a holiday miracle?

These novellas were previously published in the anthologies Dancing in the Duke's Arms and Christmas in Duke Street.

A Royal Christmas is available as an ebook:
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A Grosvenor Square Christmas

A Grosvenor Square Christmas

The Seduction of a Duchess

Shana Galen is honored to collaborate with three of her favorite authors—Anna Campbell, Vanessa Kelly, and Kate Noble—to publish a Christmas anthology of short stories, all centered on a yearly Christmas Ball, given by the widowed Countess of Winterson at No. 3 Grosvenor Square. It's a ball no one in the haute ton dares miss, for every year the ball works its magic for one special couple...

"The Seduction of a Duchess" is a Sons of the Revolution short story.

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A Grosvenor Square Christmas is available FREE as an ebook:
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