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shana galen

Misfortunes Favorites series

Follow three sons of nobility, each with nothing and everything to prove, cursed by a witch after a dare gone wrong. Their only remedy once they lose everything on their thirtieth birthdays? True love. But can these fallen men overcome their miscreant ways to see the love standing in front of them?

The Duke and Vi
January 2024
My Fair Katie
April 2024
All About Genevieve
July 2024

All About Genevieve

All About Genevieve

Book 3 coming July 18th

Emory (Rory) Lumley, younger son of the Duke of Tralee, was cursed at the age of thirteen by a Scottish witch. As preordained by the witch, on his thirtieth birthday, tragedy strikes, claiming the lives of his wife and infant son and leaving Rory consumed with guilt. He flees to the Continent, abandoning his young daughter. A half year later, he returns to find his once-docile daughter is now a willful, spoiled child prone to tantrums. She's sent numerous governesses packing and attempts to do the same with Rory. But Rory isn't going anywhere. Frances is his only family now, and he needs a governess who can take Frances in hand while he attempts to rebuild his life.

At thirty, Genevieve Brooking has been a governess almost half her life Genevieve takes the position of governess to Frances Lumlee at nearby Lilacfall Abbey. Frances is a challenge, but Genevieve knows how to manage wayward, grieving children. What she isn't prepared for is the wayward, grieving master of the house. Rory is cold and distant at first then grudgingly appreciative, and when she marries him out of convenience, she sees a side of him she could love.

But Rory's past interferes with their budding romance when he is given a counter-spell. With his family and friends, Rory returns to the scene of the crime, where the witch's sister appears again. She tells Rory what he's always feared—he can reverse the curse but only by offering a sacrifice. Rory must search his heart and soul to choose between love or redemption.

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All About Genevieve will be available in ebook:
Dragonblade Publishing, Inc, (July 2024) ASIN: B0D27H2N2Z

My Fair Katie

My Fair Katie

Book 2

As a cursed duke collides with a determined lady, their dangerous game of trust and temptation will unravel secrets, ignite desires, and change their destinies forever.

Henry Lewis, the Duke of Carlisle, has a problem with cards. And dice. And the betting book at White's. Carlisle has never met a wager he won't take or a bet he won't make. Unfortunately, he was cursed by a witch at the age of thirteen, so his luck ends when he turns thirty. In a last attempt to win back his dwindling fortune, Henry wagers it all to the devious Marquess of Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury is his archenemy, a man who has been trying to ruin the Carlisle family for years. And when Carlisle puts the last card on the table, Shrewsbury has his revenge. Carlisle is left penniless and homeless. He retreats to his mother's home only to find the marquess has banished his daughter to live on the nearby estate—an estate her father won from Henry.

Lady Katherine Malfort has finally crossed a line. She was born with a birthmark on her face and kept hidden away by her family. But when she turns twenty-one, she's no longer content to hide in the shadows. She wants her freedom and to study painting in Paris, a demand which angers her father and results in her banishment to Carlisle Hall. Katie is used to being alone, but she finds some solace in the friendship of the Duchess of Carlisle. Until her son, the duke, arrives. Not only does Katie have no respect for a man who would disregard his mother and gamble away his family's home, she's angry at the way he's neglected the estate and the tenants. For Katie, Carlisle can't leave soon enough.

For his part, Carlisle wants to know why the marquess has a vendetta against him. He believes the answer is hidden in the library at Carlisle Hall and needs Katie to help him search it. She agrees, but only if he'll make amends for his neglect of his tenants. Searching the library and aiding the tenants put Henry in Katie's presence more than she'd like. She can't deny her attraction to the handsome duke, but she knows he will never see her as anything other than the marked daughter of his enemy. And even as their relationship grows, can she ever really trust a gambler? Henry sees Katie for the rare woman she is, but can he trust the daughter of his enemy?

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My Fair Katie is available in paperback and ebook:
Dragonblade Publishing, Inc, (April 2024) ISBN: 979-8321936894

The King and Vi

The King and Vi

Book 1

The bored and snobbish Marquess of Kingston—King to his friends—doesn't believe in witches. Granted, he was cursed by a witch when he was thirteen, but King doesn't believe in curses either. So surely it must be an aftereffect of too much drink and debauchery when, on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, the witch from his youth reappears to watch her curse on him take effect. And, whether King believes it or not, the next morning he's gone from nobleman to nobody, a man without a title or farthing to his name.

It seems curses, and witches, are real after all.

Violet Baker has had enough of entitled aristocrats slumming it in Seven Dials and causing trouble in her family's tavern. She has two younger brothers to support, and she can't when her establishment is destroyed by raucous young bucks. The morning after the Marquess of Kingston's brawling leaves her tavern in ruins, Violet confronts him and demands payment for the damages. But, surprisingly, King is in more trouble than she at the moment. He convinces her he'll pay if she gives him a place to hide from his creditors—only for a day or two—until he sorts out the muddle his life has become.

Violet needs the money King owes and figures she can put up with anything and anyone for a couple of days. She soon realizes her mistake. King is spoiled, lazy, and reckless. His thoughtless behavior puts Vi and her brothers in danger from the neighborhood gang and its leader, Ferryman. But to her surprise, King reacts by vowing to protect her. As together they fight the mounting forces against them, Vi struggles to resist her growing feelings for King. They say a leopard can't change his spots, but can a spoiled marquess change his ways?

And if he does, will it be too late to save the family and the plucky tavern owner he's come to love?

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The King and Vi is available in paperback and ebook:
Dragonblade Publishing, Inc, (January 2024) ISBN: 978-1961275362

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