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shana galen

Regency Spies series

Lighthearted adventurous romps.
Three spies face danger and intrigue while the women who love them face perils of their own. Together these couples can overcome anything.

While You Were Spying
When Dashing Met Danger
Pride and Petticoats

Pride and Petticoats

Book 3

"Lighthearted adventure abounds in the utterly splendid,
humorous, fast-paced gem. Galen hits her stride."
   —Kathe Robin, RT Bookclub

Charlotte Burton's life in Charleston, South Carolina, has been torn apart by war and her father's mounting debts. Desperate for help, she crosses the ocean, braving the British blockade and the city of London to beg her dearest family friend, Cade Pettigru, to help her. But her meeting with Cade doesn't go as planned. After an exchange of pistol fire with two British agents, her most trusted friend leaves Charlotte alone to face the whims of the enemy.

Freddie, Lord Dewhurst, has been tracking the spy Cade Pettigru for months. But this time, when Pettigru escapes, he leaves behind a copper-haired, fiery American beauty whom Freddie hopes to use to lure the man into the open. He gives Charlotte no choice but to play his bride in public, though privately he knows he should be mortified to be paired with such an unfashionable colonist. And yet, he can't resist her independent spirit and sense of loyalty (misguided as it might be).

As Freddie and Charlotte struggle to convince others their sham marriage is real, the attraction between them ignites. Behind closed doors, they throw etiquette to the wind and give in to temptation, but once the truth is out, will love be enough for these enemies to call a truce?

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Pride and Petticoats is available as an ebook:
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When Dashing Met Danger

Book 2

"Shana Galen is here to stay! Sexy, sparkling, and absolutely
sensational, she enthralls from the first page to the last!"
   —Karen Hawkins, USA Today bestselling author

Lucia Dashing, youngest daughter of Viscount Brigham, has been in love with the Earl of Selbourne since her sister married his half-brother five years before. At that time, Alex didn't look at her twice. Now, when a family matter brings them together again, Lucia doesn't think it's just her imagination that sparks fly between them.

Alex can't believe the beauty Lucia has grown into. He also can't believe what a headstrong, impulsive creature she's become. Or how much he likes those traits in her. She's not like other women, and that makes her dangerous. As a secret agent for the Crown, Alex is equipped to deal with danger, but he's out of his depth when faced with the complete chaos Lucia brings into his life. When he's assigned to find her missing twin brother, he can't escape the clever, tumultuous beauty.

Lucia knows there's more to her brother's disappearance than she's been told, and she has a plan to find him. She just needs to convince Alex to let her help. Despite Alex's refusal to involve Lucia, the two are caught up in a world of treachery and deception. They must rely on each other to survive, and the closer they become, the more dangerous their attraction.

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When Dashing Met Danger is available as an ebook and audiobook:
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While You Were Spying

Book 1

"A delightful romp, filled with romance, adventures, and fabulous characters .... I love how the romance progresses, amid the underlying mystery; everything is connected for a reason, plot twists abound."
   —Monique Daoust

Francesca Dashing would like to forget that Ethan Caxton, the Marquess of Winterbourne, exists. He humiliated her in front of all of London Society—and he doesn't even remember it! But when Ethan shows up in her sleepy Hampshire town, he's hard to overlook, and his presence stirs up long-buried feelings. Francesca tries to keep her distance...until her life is threatened and the mysterious and handsome marquess comes to her rescue, in more ways than she ever thought possible.

Winterbourne has traveled to Hampshire on orders from the Foreign Office—he's investigating an arms smuggling ring and is determined to find its leader. Miss Dashing stumbles into his way—literally—and derails both Ethan's assignment and his ordered country life. Ethan knows he needs to ignore the distraction, but when Francesca is the victim of a vicious attack, he's compelled to put aside his mission to protect her. Guarding the viscount's daughter is work, nothing more, and Ethan has no plans to let down his guard...until Francesca's chocolate-brown eyes and endless compassion melt the ice in his heart and lay siege to his defenses.

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While You Were Spying is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook:
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