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shana galen

The Scarlet Chronicles

To Ruin a Gentleman
Traitor in Her Arms
Taken by the Rake
To Tempt a Rebel

Praise for the series

"To Ruin a Gentleman is a fast-paced, entertaining and sexy read that should do the trick if you're in the market for a bit of adventure served up with your romance."
   —Caz Owens, All About Romance on To Ruin a Gentleman

"To Ruin a Gentleman is an outstanding book, possibly the best Shana Galen has ever written, and I do believe The Scarlet Chronicles will cement Shana Galen's reputation as this astonishing book is more than a romance within a historical context, but a true historical romance."
   —Monique Daoust, Fresh Fiction on To Ruin a Gentleman

"The novel's ending is superbly written and kept me reading past my bedtime. I couldn't put the book down! If you are looking for a passionate, suspenseful historical novel—Traitor in Her Arms is the book for you!"
   —Susan Gorman , Fresh Fiction on Traitor in Her Arms

"This first book in The Scarlet Chronicles has so much going for it: a sizzling romance, danger, adventure, history, intrigue and mysterious hero with a secret identity. Shana Galen's talent as a storyteller shines in Traitor in Her Arms."
   —Riley, Whiskey with My Book on Traitor in Her Arms

"This was a very well written, complex tale of two people finding love during the horrific Reign of Terror in revolutionary France. It is an exciting non-stop adventure, with lots of action, near death moments, steamy love scenes and wonderful secondary characters. I highly recommend this series, it is amazing and is not your run of the mill Historical Romance!"
   —Tracy, Flippin' Pages Book Reviews on Taken by the Rake

"A well-written, sensual romantic adventure story featuring two engaging protagonists, Taken by the Rake is an enjoyable addition to The Scarlet Chronicles."
   —Caz Owens, All About Romance on Taken by the Rake

"Taken by the Rake is one of Shana Galen's most action-packed stories. From the moment Laurent stumbles in her home, it doesn't stop, and danger lurks literally at every corner. Ms. Galen's writing is invisible, as she completely vanishes and let her characters live their story."
   —Monique Daoust, Fresh Fiction on Taken by the Rake

"To Tempt a Rebel is another phenomenal story in what I consider Shana Galen's best series, do not miss it!"
   —Monique Daoust, Fresh Fiction on To Tempt a Rebel

"This series just keeps getting better! To Tempt a Rebel is my favorite book so far."
   —Debra Martin, Two Ends of the Pen on To Tempt a Rebel

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