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Mr. Notorious and the Nefarious November Snowbound with the Viscount The Summer of Wine and Scandal

Mr. Notorious and the Nefarious November

Mr. Notorious and the Nefarious November

Coming November 1, 2024

He may be Mr. Notorious...
Three weeks in November. Munro Notley told himself he need only survive twenty-one days in London, then his niece would be married, and he could disappear again. He'd been wandering Europe for years now, ever since Beatrice Haddington Barnet rejected his offer of marriage and wed his best friend instead. Now Notley's brother, the viscount, has demanded his attendance at the family wedding, and Notley just wants to survive the social whirl without acknowledging her. It's a brilliant plan... until Beatrice, now widowed, is standing before him and Notley makes a drunken confession he can't take back.

But she's the one with the nefarious scheme.
Beatrice knew she made a mistake almost as soon as she said her wedding vows. Despite being in love with Munro Notley, she'd rejected his proposal because of his reputation as an irredeemable rake. It turns out her husband was the true rake. A few years after their marriage, he was shot in a duel over a courtesan. Beatrice has vowed never to so much as look at a rake again. When she reads in The Rake Review that Notley is back in London for her niece's wedding, she plans to stay as far from him as possible. But once she sees him, those broad shoulders and that smoldering smile stir up old feelings. He still wants her, and she can't deny she wants him too.

Can he pass five wicked tests and claim her five scandalous prizes?
Beatrice will not trust a man so easily this time. If he wants her, Notley will have to pass not one, but five tests. For each challenge he passes, she's offering a tantalizing reward. But Notley will not have an easy time of it. Beatrice's wicked tests will prove once and for all whether Notley's sobriquet as Mr. Notorious is well-deserved or whether he's reformed his rakish ways.

Mr. Notorious and the Nefarious November will be available as an ebook:

Snowbound with the Viscount

Snowbound with the Viscount

Now Available!

The weather outside is frightful...
Holly Farthing is not in the Christmas spirit. As a young widow, the holidays of the past three years have been lonely. When her good friend invites her to a house party, Holly almost declines. Until she learns Viscount Ivy will be in attendance. Ivy was a close friend of Holly's brother at school, and she's pined after the new viscount for years. But the Lord Ivy has always treated her like a little sister. Predictably, at the house party, Ivy barely notices Holly. It seems she's lost her chance to capture his attention and affection...and then snow begins to fall.

But fireside with the viscount is delightful!
Adam Ivy is surprised when Holly arrives at the Dorsey house party alone. He assumed such a lovely young woman would be betrothed by now. Adam is drawn to Holly but unsure if there's anything more than friendship between them. Then Holly's future and reputation is plunged into danger, and Adam rushes to the rescue by proposing a false engagement. He's certain he can straighten the matter out quickly...and then the snow begins to fall.

As the temperatures turn frigid, passions between Holly and Adam simmer. But can Adam prove to Holly that his feelings are anything but false?

Snowbound with the Viscount is available as an ebook:
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The Summer of Wine and Scandal

The Summer of Wine and Scandal

A novella

"An emotive story of forgiveness and redemption."
   —Rakes & Rascals

Nothing goes with wine...
Dandy Peregrine Lochley detests the country. It's exceedingly dull...until the wheel of of his curricle sinks in mud and a country miss digs him out. Feeling obliged to repay her kindness, he invites her to dine. Caroline Martin is a mystery, and the more Lochley happens upon her, the more he wants to uncover her secrets. But when Lochley rescues Caro from two men accosting her in town, he finds out the ugly truth about Caro and about himself.

Better than scandal.
Caroline Martin made one mistake. She trusted a man who betrayed her. Now she lives in seclusion on her father's vineyard. When she meets viscount's son Peregrine Lochley, she's tempted to trust again. Her worst fears are realized when he discovers her secret. Can he accept her, despite her flaws, or will this wine expert reject her like an inferior vintage?

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The Summer of Wine and Scandal is available as an ebook:
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