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shana galen

The Survivors

Traitor in Her Arms
No Earls Allowed
An Affair with a Spare
Unmask Me if You Can
The Claiming of the Shrew
A Duke a Dozen
How the Lady was Won
Kisses and Scandal
The Highlander's Excellent Adventure
Sweet Rogue of Mine
Her Royal Payne
From Rags to Kisses
I Want You to Want Me

Praise for the series

"I Want You to Want Me is a must read for many reasons. It's a great romance and Nicholas more than deserved his happy ever after. Amelia is the perfect heroine to provide it. Pick up your own copy and see for yourself. It'll be an afternoon well spent."
   —Long and Short Reviews for I Want You to Want Me

"...when I turned the final page of I Want You to Want Me, I did so with hope, with joy, and with appreciation for these wonderful characters who will continue to live on in my heart. Well done, Ms. Galen. I can't wait to find out what you have in store for readers next."
   —The Romance Dish, 5 stars for I Want You to Want Me

"a lovely read and a sweet farewell to the Survivors."
   —Barbara at Flippin' Pages for I Want You to Want Me

"Very sweet and emotional, and concluded beautifully, leaving me a bit teary, but in the best way."
   —Roses are Blue, 4 ½ roses for From Rags to Kisses

"This was a very well-written, nicely paced story with wonderful characters and a lot of emotion."
   —Flippin' Pages on From Rags to Kisses

"I absolutely loved the book and highly recommend it. You can't go wrong with two romances, wonderful characters, and exciting, dangerous adventures."
   —Flippin' Pages on Her Royal Payne

"Shana Galen once again has created a world of passion, danger, brotherhood, and love that reeled me in and kept me engaged from beginning to end. Ten books in and I'm still eager for more."
   —The Romance Dish on Her Royal Payne

"Sweet Rogue of Mine is a lovely, steamy, and romantic read, one that I wholeheartedly recommend, with lead characters I loved."
   —Roses Are Blue on Sweet Rogue of Mine

"Sweet Rogue of Mine is an excellent read, a great addition to the series and it's going on my keeper shelf."
   —Long and Short Reviews on Sweet Rogue of Mine

"One of my favourite stories in this series."
   —Australian Romance Readers Association on Sweet Rogue of Mine

"This story is incredibly rich in details, dialogue, descriptions not to mention the intricate way the author wove their budding relationships throughout the book. The writing was flawless and well done. Then again, every romance story I've ever read by Ms. Galen has that same high quality."
   —Long and Short Reviews on The Highlander's Excellent Adventure

"This series has been fantastic. Each one of the Survivors is different and has had a different experience in the war, and indeed a different reason for joining the Survivors group. These men have come out the other end thinking they will never be able to function appropriately within society. As with all good romances, it takes these men to find their missing part. They know their woman will understand and be there with them as their love bonds are unbreakable."
   —Australian Romance Readers Association on The Highlander's Excellent Adventure

"OMGoodness—what a fun romp this was! I loved the characters. I loved the storyline. I LOVED that we got two great romances and two great HEA's in one book. What isn't to love? It is fast-paced, well-written, and well-plotted."
   —Flippin' Pages Book Reviews on The Highlander's Excellent Adventure

"Mrs. Galen once more demonstrates her talent at bringing together unusual and broken characters. What an escapade this trip is, filled with discovery of themselves and their inner strength. While the men demonstrate their bravery, the women are no misses in distress, showing a core of steel. 5 stars!"
   —Elodie's Reading Corner on The Highlander's Excellent Adventure

"Two romances in one book are hard to pull off without one getting more attention than the other or you lose track of who's POV you are reading. But Shana gives both an equal amount of attention and the story flows perfectly!"
   —Sassy Book Lover on The Highlander's Excellent Adventure

"The Highlander's Excellent Adventure is steamy and delightful, and is Shana Galen at her entertaining best."
   —Roses are Blue on The Highlander's Excellent Adventure

"Shana Galen's fast paced writing style and captivating characters drew me into the story immediately. This adventure is filled with humor, romance and the chemistry between each of the couples sizzles."
   —Lady Celeste Reads Romance on The Highlander's Excellent Adventure

"This couple generates plenty of steam in this entertaining journey to love in seemingly impossible circumstances."
   —Roses are Blue on Kisses and Scandal

"This may just be my favorite in The Survivors series!"
   —Sassy Booklover on How the Lady Was Won

"How The Lady Was Won is a book I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend, especially to those who enjoy a couple who battle their way to their happy ever after."
   —Roses are Blue on How the Lady Was Won

"This book is typical Galen writing, smart, witty, sexy, and oh so engrossing. I couldn't stop until the book was done and now I'm back to my usually place of anxiously waiting for the next book in this series to come out!"
   —Literary Love Books on A Duke a Dozen

"If you like steamy historical romances, this one's for you!"
   —Fresh Fiction on A Duke a Dozen

"It is definitely a good read—lighthearted, romantic, exciting—I enjoyed the story."
   —Flippin' Pages on A Duke a Dozen

"Shana Galen does it again!!! I sat down to read a few chapters before I did some chores. Guess what got finished... I'll give you a hint, it wasn't the chores."
   —Literary Love Books on The Claiming of the Shrew

"If you're looking to read a romance with a strong, able and fun heroine, this is it. And as for the hero, it took me a bit to warm up to him, but once I did, I liked him a lot."
   —Bookworm2Bookworm on The Claiming of the Shrew

"Unmask Me if You Can is a lovely, heartwarming treat of a book. It lit up my afternoon, and I truly hope it finds a happy audience."
   —All About Romance on Unmask Me if You Can

"Shana Galen gets better with every new adventure she creates. This historical romance kept me flipping pages well after I should have been sleeping and I wasn't sorry for the missed rest one bit."
   —Night Owl Reviews on Unmask Me if You Can

"Shana Galen is in fine writing form, peppering the narrative with vibrant descriptions and superb dialogues."
   —Fresh Fiction on Unmask Me if You Can

"Shana Galen's writing is exquisite; the darkness of the docks, the opulence of ballrooms, and the spying milieu all portrayed with the same care and attention to detail. The romance is wild, passionate, and at times heartbreaking, and our couple has a few close calls. Once again, Shana Galen has found new ways for true love to prevail."
   —Monique Daoust for Fresh Fiction on Affair With a Spare

"Shana Galen once again proves why she is a steady presence on my must-read list. Her latest historical romance, An Affair with a Spare is a perfect example of everything I love in the genre done absolutely perfectly."
   —Night Owl Reviews on Affair With a Spare

"Bright, funny, poignant, and entertaining-everything historical romance fans could ask for."
   —Kirkus, STARRED Review for No Earls Allowed

"Galen's second Survivors Regency has phenomenal protagonists—a former soldier haunted by those he was unable to save, and an earl's daughter who has left the trappings of nobility behind to care for those less fortunate—who will win readers' hearts."
   —Publishers Weekly, STARRED Review for No Earls Allowed

"Shana Galen's writing is understated elegance at its finest; the dialogues are impeccable; and the crisp descriptions add a feeling of authenticity to the setting"
   —Fresh Fiction on No Earls Allowed

"I was thoroughly enchanted with this novel and believe fans are going to gobble this one up. It's an awesome romance. I absolutely recommend this book."
   —Long and Short Reviews on No Earls Allowed

"In usual Galen fashion, the characters are engaging, the plot is enticing and the sensuality heated."
   —RT Book Reviews, on Third Son's a Charm

"Shana Galen delivers again!...A sharp, poignant battle of wills between a wonderful wounded hero and the only heroine brave enough to get past his defenses. Don't miss it!"
   —Eileen Dreyer, New York Times bestselling author on Third Son's a Charm

"Galen charms readers with poignant and unforgettable characters, humor, and a passionate page-turning tale that's impossible to put down."
   —Lorraine Heath, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author on Third Son's a Charm

"Shana Galen's deliciously brooding hero and delightfully quirky heroine turn this tale of adventure into an endearing love story that kept me up all hours reading....Wonderful!"
   —Sabrina Jeffries, New York Times bestselling author on Third Son's a Charm

"An intriguing premise, an engaging cast of characters, and a plot rich in danger and sexy romance make the first in Galen's new Survivors series a must-read for fans of Sabrina Jeffries and Candace Camp."
   —Booklist on Third Son's a Charm

"In usual Galen fashion, the characters are engaging, the plot is enticing and the sensuality heated."
   —RT Book Reviews on Third Son's a Charm

"Galen has written a story that will leave readers as satisfied as her spunky heroine. "
   —Kirkus, STARRED Review for Third Son's a Charm

"Amazing, this story is absolutely amazing. When I started it I wanted to read it in one sitting and on the other hand I did not want to end it."
   —Long and Short Reviews on Third Son's a Charm

"The story was well written and flowed wonderfully, there is a great cast of secondary characters that add some extremely amusing moments, a secondary romance, secrets, action, steamy love scenes and a beautiful ending! I would be happy to recommend this book and I am looking forward to the rest of the series!"
   —Flippin' Pages on Third Son's a Charm

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