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shana galen

Contemporary Books

Chick Lit with a dash of romance, Star Wars, and Reality TV.
Set in the early 2000s Chicago, two friends in their early thirties try to find their place in business, love, and a galaxy far, far away.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Men I've Dated Reality TV Bites

Reality TV Bites

Reality TV Bites

(Written as Shane Bolks)

"Breezy and hilarious with just the right amount of
pathos, Bolks' romance is impossible to put down."

Allison Holloway may be one of the last holdouts: a true reality TV junkie. (Hey, there's no shame in admitting you enjoy watching The Donald say You're Fired! for the millionth time) But when her boss signs up their interior design firm for Kamikaze Makeover, Allison knows things are never going to be the same again.

Dozens of cameras are set to tape every embarrassing moment as two teams compete for 3 million dollars by executing a bold design concept using unorthodox materials (sex toys, anyone?). As if that wasn't bad enough, a hunky producer tries to seduce Allison with fine champagne and limo rides, an equally hunky Dave wants to introduce her to the finer things in his life like beer and basketball games, a piranha-like press hound her day and night, and let's not forget the vibrator wall art. Will Allison ever get her life back? Will she finally find her prince after kissing so many frogs?

Join Allison as she fights back against the lies, the double-dealing, and the backstabbing to prove that she's a survivor even a gooey round of pudding wrestling can't defeat.

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Reality TV Bites is available in paperback and ebook:
Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million Google Indiebound iBooks
Katy Budget Books Kobo Murder by the Book
HarperCollins Publishers, (June 2006) ISBN: 9780641894527

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Men I've Dated

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Men I've Dated

(Written as Shane Bolks)

"A snappy, fun read I couldn't put down."
   —Meg Cabot, New York Times Bestselling Author

For most people Star Wars is a classic movie with innovative special effects. For Rory Egglehoff, accountant and self-professed geek, Star Wars is a way of life, especially when it comes to dating. Rory's theory is that men are either Wookiees—no initiative losers with the maturity of a thirteen-year-old and about as much depth—or Jedi knights—men who sweep a woman into zero gravity, making her feel like a princess.

Rory is dating a Wookiee. Tom's an even bigger nerd than she, but she fears that, in a galaxy pretty much devoid of Jedis, he's her last hope. Then her first love returns, shifting Rory's pulse into hyperdrive. The quintessential Jedi, Hunter Chase spurs Rory and her friend Allison to devise the ultimate plan. Rory's goal? A date with Hunter to their high school reunion, followed by Hunter's undying love. But when the Ultimate Jedi Plan implodes, Rory must relinquish the Force and trust in herself to capture Hunter's heart.

RITA® finalist for Best First Book

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Men I've Dated is available as an ebook:
Amazon Barnes & Noble Google iBooks Kobo
HarperCollins Publishers, (April 2005) ISBN-13: 9780060773106

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